Law Offices of Tucker Long

We are Augusta’s litigation specialists.

Our trial lawyers handle a broad array of cases ranging from the defense of civil litigation to plaintiffs in class actions, from malpractice suits to personal injury matters and beyond. Our clientele is diverse – multi-million dollar corporations, individuals who have been injured or who may be involved in divorce or domestic problems, creditors, debtors, physicians and even fellow lawyers. They all choose us for the same reason:

We solve problems and we win lawsuits.

Our attorneys and staff are skilled, efficient and hardworking. Our AV-rated firm is small by design, so we can act with flexibility and frankness, cutting out the “fat” that often creeps into the process at some larger firms. There are no inexperienced junior associates here - no one looking to create work.

At Tucker Long, each case is assigned to one of our seasoned attorneys. We know the local landscape, will assess the attributes of your case and find the best solution to your problem.

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