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Your Family Is Our Priority

When a family is changing through divorce, the children are often the top priority. Making sure that you have access to your children, whether that means custody or visitation, is crucial. Tucker Long, P.C., is a firm with experience fighting for Georgia families. Our team will work to make sure that your goals for your family are achieved.

How The Court Decides Custody

Decisions surrounding custody and visitation for children are made by family court. The court will take several factors into account when assigning custody and visitation rights:

  • The current care arrangements
  • Age of the child
  • Parental factors like drug or alcohol use
  • Mental and physical health of each family member

There are many other factors that may apply as well, depending on the situation. In the end, the court will make their decision based on what they think is the best outcome for the child. As experienced child custody attorneys, our team at Tucker Long, P.C., will use all information available to us to make an argument for your interests.

If the custody decision has already been made, it may be necessary to make a post-decree modification, such as a change in visitation or a relocation request. This is possible in certain circumstances, when your family’s situation changes. We can help you make the request and work with you on other family law matters.

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