You enjoy taking a drive through parts of Georgia, but you could most certainly do without getting into a car accident. Are you doing your part to drive for other people by being a defensive driver?

You cannot eliminate every hazard on the road, but you can lessen your chances of being in an accident. Take tips and insights from Geico to sharpen your defensive driving skills to keep rolling along without incident.

Keep a close watch on what is going on around you

While the transmission on your car may be automatic, you do not have to drive on automatic. Get into the habit of checking your rear and side view mirrors every few minutes to see what is going on around you. Look both ways at intersections, even when you have a green light.

Know what to anticipate

Before heading out, check your route for construction and traffic jams, and check the weather forecast. Such information lets you know what driving conditions to inspect so you can plan, drive or change your course accordingly.

Give yourself plenty of braking room

It is always preferable to pump your brakes rather than slam on them. By braking early, you reduce your chances of getting into an accident. Also, you give the cars behind you more time to brake.

Put down the distractions

Choose your music, set your route and do whatever else you need to do to reduce distractions while behind the wheel. That way, you can devote your full attention to the road and everything taking place on it.

Let the aggression to other drivers

Do not someone else’s road rage turn you into an aggressive driver. Getting revenge is not worth an increase in your insurance premium.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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