I-20, which runs through Carroll County, is one of the most dangerous stretches of road in all of Georgia. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in deaths, injuries and accidents on the highway.

Truck accidents are extremely dangerous. The large size of the truck increases the chances of injury or death occurring when a standard sedan is on the receiving end of the collision. You need to get in touch with your auto insurance company right away, and you should avoid the following actions in the immediate aftermath.

Delay medical treatment

You need to see a doctor within 24 hours of the crash. Adrenaline may mask some of the pain after the collision, but some injuries may not reveal their symptoms until the next day, or even a few days later. For example, gradual swelling and pressure inside the skull from bruised or bleeding brain tissue could lead to secondary brain damage that a doctor could have prevented by treating the immediate signs of a mild or moderate concussion. What appears to be whiplash the day of the crash could later reveal itself to be spinal damage that requires surgery and weeks of time off work.

You should inform the doctor you were in an accident with a truck, and the doctor will then know what injuries to look for. The doctor should keep all assessments and treatments on file to provide to your lawyer for a later date.

Negotiate with the insurance company directly

You should call your insurance agency right after the collision. There is no need to go into all of the details at this time. You simply need to state you were in an accident with a truck. You should not assign blame or say you were partially at fault even if it is true. Your attorney should handle all communications with the insurance adjuster going forward to try to negotiate the best settlement possible.

Post on social media

Insurance adjusters will go to your social media profiles to get more information about you. If you suffered an injury, then you would not want to post about a bike ride after the collision. You do not want to give the other side any ammunition for fighting payment of the compensation you deserve. It is best to give as little information as you can and let your lawyer handle the heavy lifting.

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