Ending up with or being given the wrong medication can cause you serious medical issues. It is essential that you learn what to do to help prevent medication errors from occurring to you. While you may trust your doctor in Georgia, mistakes happen. It is up to you to be proactive about your health care and take the right steps to make sure errors do not occur.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality suggest that you always ask questions about medications. This means asking about what medication your doctor is giving you. Find out the name, what it is for, how it works, how it looks and every other detail you can. Do not be afraid to ask about your medication. This also includes asking questions to anyone administering medication to you or at the pharmacy when you are getting your medication. These are both times when mistakes happen. Ask questions to make sure you get the right medication.

You should also share information. You should let your doctor know about anything you take, including over the counter and herbal remedies. Share with the pharmacy about allergies and sensitivities.

Also, become educated. Know what medications you take and what they look like. Know the generic names and brand names. Read every prescription given to you. If you cannot read it, then ask for clarification.

You have to be your own advocate. That is the only way to stop mistakes. If you cannot be your own advocate, put a trusted person in the role. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.

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